Trends From US East Coast Beauty Experts

Trends From US East Coast Beauty Experts

Do you ever look at fashion magazines and wonder if you can pull off the latest beauty trends? Our beauty experts will explain how you can incorporate high fashion beauty trends into your everyday looks.

Our high style fashion icon Harper’s Bazaar released their new trends…we love them! We use these looks on our customers and wanted to share our absolute favorites with you:

The Blue Streak

Swipe blue hues over your lid for a fresh yet funky look. Choose from marine, cobalt, and pretty pastels. Are you looking to add a little fun color or just a bit of pizzaz to your everyday look? A touch of blue may be just the thing to make your eyes pop.

Go for BOLD

Bold lips are on trend for Spring/Summer season. Most popular hues are oranges, corals, and of course juicy apple red. For a supple, luscious look use a gentle sugar scrub first and finish with an iridescent lipstick or gloss for added volume.


We can’t seem to get enough, ever… can you? Glittery lids, glittery nails, we love it all. Wear it loosely all over your lid or for a more subtle look apply a glitter eyeliner for just a hint of sparkle.

On your fingers or toes, try a clear look with a polish glitter overlay atop your favorite lacquer color for added glam!

Lash Out

This year, enhance your natural beauty and freshen your look with lashes! Keep it simple and experience a fresh, bright eyed look without the need for mascara. Stop in to the GLAM Bar for our most glamourous, customized service for a new you this new year!

“Vamp” It Up

A positively delicious look. Contoured cheekbones, matte beautiful skin and blood red lips. A bold, beautiful, on trend look to get you going during the all seasons.

Exes Mascara Good

Bronze and Glow

Dewy, supple, luscious skin is a continuous trend. I mean who wouldn’t mind having this all year long?

Add a hint of pearlescent shimmer and a touch of bronze for a healthy, fresh off the beach glow. You can apply the same principle to your eyeshadow using sunset tones of peach and bronze to add a boost of radiance and warmth!

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