Do Cellulite Creams And Gels Work?

Do Cellulite Creams And Gels Work?

Answer: Yes and No.

As unbelievable as it may sound, the creams and gels DO work. But they DO NOT work if used as directed by the many companies promising you an easy way to lose unwanted fat and cellulite. Most of these companies tell you to “spread some cream on and watch the fat melt away” – but don’t believe it. These are worthless claims promising you something for nothing – promising you a dream.
You cannot buy a tube of cream or gel for $40 or $50 and truly believe that fat will melt away. If that were true, 2/3’s of Americans would not be overweight or obese. What does work is the application of the cream or gel followed by 30 minutes of physical activity or exercise.

Let me explain why: The active ingredients in creams and gels will break down the fat deposits in the area you spread the gel and force them floating into your bloodstream. If you are inactive, the fat will just float around your body looking for a new home and settle there. You will continue to have the same amount of fat in your body, just in different places.
This is important: For best results, you are instructed to start 30 minutes of physical activity (walking) or exercise after applying creams and gels. We call this “going for the kill” on your fat. Instead of letting the fat settle someplace else, your body, thru increased physical activity will burn that free-floating fat and use it for energy. And then guess what? The fat will be gone, not just redistributed. Of course, there is no magic cure to lose fat. Sometimes diet and exercise go only so far. No matter how much weight you lose your body may still have unseemly areas of fat. This is where Brazilian Reduction Formula comes in.

Understanding what Cellulite is

Only in the past 30 years have people defined beauty in both male and female bodies as having youthful, well-defined muscles and very little body fat. Before that, people didn’t feel bad about have “cottage cheese thighs” or a few extra pounds of fat.
This new definition of “beauty” has led to the development of a new condition – Cellulite.
How does Cellulite happen? When the connective tissues underneath the skin become overstuffed with fat, toxins and fluid it leads to these small pockets growing and hardening. That’s when dimpling begins.

Cellulite affects women more than men largely because estrogen triggers the fluid buildup. Also, men have thicker skin which helps hide their fat better.

Gels such as Brazilian Reduction Formula dissolve those fat cells and send them into your bloodstream to be burnt as energy if you engage in physical activity after application.

Directions:  Do not apply over entire body. This will not work. Brazilian Reduction Formula is a spot treatment. As explained in detail below, the fat in the area the gel is applied to will break down and be released into the bloodstream. Your body can only absorb and burn so much fat at once.

Suggested usage:  Apply to most severe problem area first (e.g. Love handles, buttocks, thighs, abdominals, etc, but only one area at a time. Once you see progress in one area you can move on to the next area that you want to remove fat from.

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